DCOS Helps Promote Snyder ISD Welding Event



Students built mythical creatures using welding techniques during the Texas High School Welding event.

The DCOS recently helped promote Snyder ISD's Texas High School Welding event at B&J Welding Supply.

“This was yet another opportunity for Snyder students who join our welding program,” said Robert Jalomo, the Snyder High School welding instructor. “I love these kids and the effort they show. I cannot say enough about them!” 

The DCOS helped bring additional exposure to the event in an effort to boost workforce development among Snyder high school students. Events like these prepare students to be successful at the next level whether that is straight to the workforce, trade school, or college. 

“We want to help prepare them for the future,” said DCOS Executive Director Barbara Leatherwood. “This was the first build-off that was more artistic and let the students be creative. It was great to see how much they blossomed when they had the freedom to build what they wanted.” 

One of Snyder ISD’s teams took 3rd place overall in the competition. The other team from Snyder ISD did not place but produced a quality project. We are so proud of all of our welding students who participated this year and are excited to see what opportunities await them in the future. We will continue to play a role in these types of events that expose the students to different environments that help take their skills to the next level and better prepare for their future success. 


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