Forward-Thinking: How Snyder, Texas Boosts Growth and Attracts New Businesses



Snyder, Texas has always been at the forefront of strategic economic growth, and its history is rich with forward-thinking residents seizing opportunities to boost the local economy. This forward-looking reputation began with its namesake, William Henry Snyder, who saw potential in the area’s West Texas location and established a fur trading post. 

The leaders of Snyder continued the entrepreneurial spirit when they welcomed not one but two railways into the city at the beginning of the 20th century. The railways connected those in Snyder to other Texas businesses and boosted the local economy, leading to successful businesses throughout the city. In 1948 when oil was discovered in the Canyon Reef area north of Snyder, the city seized the opportunity to benefit from the boom and welcomed those seeking job security in the oil field. As Snyder grew, the city continued to invest in local businesses, ensuring growth for the future. 

The spirit of growth has continued in Snyder into the 21st century. Many towns in Texas were happy to profit from the oil boom but were left economically depressed after the resources were depleted. To ensure that the city remained current in the changing Texas economy, an economic development organization was established. This organization, the Development Corporation of Snyder, or DCOS, looked to harness the Spirit of Snyder by making the city where Texas businesses thrived and continuously profitable resources supported the local economy. In 

October 2017, the Amazon Wind Farm was established in Snyder, boosting economic growth from renewable resources and opening opportunities to create a sustainable economy by investing in renewable energy. Snyder also has the advantage of being centrally located in many Texas cities, and the city is active in making Snyder an attractive location for business opportunities and investment. Snyder offers a substantial workforce population to businesses while offering a high quality of life to employees, making the city an ideal location for economic growth through establishing new businesses and ensuring a sustainable economy. 

Snyder continues to guide its forward-thinking spirit by harnessing the power of the internet and utilizing web-based tools to engage both residents and potential businesses. Its online presence through Facebook ensures real-time engagement with the local community, while its LinkedIn profile is used to educate, inform, and attract new business opportunities. Snyder recently revamped its website to be more user-friendly and provide all local information in a comprehensive format. Understanding the power of communication, Snyder has invested in platforms that will provide information about the city and its benefits to both businesses and residents. 

The Spirit of Snyder has always been forward-thinking and adaptable, understanding that change is vital for growth. From its beginning as a fur-trading post to the investment of the railroad to the area’s oil boom, and now to its investment in renewable energy, Snyder has adapted to the ever-changing Texas economy while remaining true to its community-focused roots. Like it always has since its inception, Snyder’s investment in its community will secure economic growth for future generations.


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