How Multi-Million Dollar Industrial Businesses Like WL Plastics Can Thrive in West Texas



Snyder, Texas is prime real estate for industrial businesses looking to move operations to the Southwest. See how WL Plastics has been a booming business in Snyder since 2000.

The DCOS is pleased to highlight WL Plastics, one of the many successful industrial businesses to have a manufacturing location in Snyder, Texas. Founded in 2000, WL Plastics has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of high-density polyethylene pipe (known as HDPE) in North America. 

WL Plastics at a Glance:

WL Plastics has locations nationwide and is a leader in its field.

  • Employees: 413
  • Revenue: $82 Million

In 2012, WL Plastics with the support and help of the DCOS, opened a production facility in Snyder, Texas, as part of a plan to strategically locate its facilities for the security of supply. WL plastics produces over 600 million pounds of high-quality HDPE products and operates its facilities 24/7 to ensure a consistent supply of products to its many customers in Texas and around the country. 

WL Plastics provides high-quality products to companies working in 5 main fields: Mining and Industrial, Oil and Gas Gathering, Natural Gas Distribution, Power and Communications, and Waste Water Management. With many of its products focused on use in the energy industry, the WL Plastics location in Snyder, Texas, is perfectly at home in West Texas and the largest energy producer in the country. 

Snyder’s Advantages for Incoming Industries

Snyder offers many advantages for industries like WL Plastics. One primary perk is Snyder’s proximity to natural energy sources. The cost of living in Snyder, Texas, has also remained consistently affordable while offering an outstanding quality of life for its residents.

Proximity to Energy Sources


The region around Snyder, Texas is full of notable energy producers: the Canyon Reef Oilfields and the Cline Shale Oil Play are two of the most active oil fields in the state, continuously engaging the Texas workforce for decades. The natural gas mining and distribution within the Permian Basin make the area perfect for the WL Plastics location. With the company positioned to offer ideal piping solutions for the energy business, WL Plastics continuously produces numerous HDPE products that are durable and cost-effective for its customers in the region. 

WL Plastics remains transparent with the public by offering case studies on major projects completed in North America using their products. Published on their website, WL Plastics provides a glimpse into their commitment to producing the highest quality products for major developments in various fields. One example shows how WL Plastics completed the largest water salinity control product in the Colorado River Basin. Another case study shows how they completed a state-of-the-art water cooling system for Nashville International Airport. One of their most recent case studies shows their success in providing water piping for a newly-built BMW manufacturing plant. 

Competitive Incentive: Cost of Living and Production


With their products used by some of the biggest names in manufacturing and the energy sector, WL Plastics offers their manufacturing facility in Snyder, Texas, a stable and reliable place to work and live. The Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS) is an organization devoted to business development in the region. It is credited with attracting industrial businesses like WL Plastics to guarantee economic growth for the area and a strong workforce for manufacturing companies.

WL Plastics is a company with the financial stability of a global corporation while being close to its domestic customers to offer reliable service. With the most advanced manufacturing technology and consistent 24/7 production, WL Plastics engages the local workforce with competitive compensation in an area that provides a high quality of life when employees aren’t at work. Having a location in Snyder, Texas means that employees can see their income go farther than it could in other areas of the USA that have historically been home to manufacturing. In 2020, the median home value in the United States hit a record high of over $320,000.  

According to the DCOS, the median home value in Snyder, Texas is $92,351.  This means that the local workforce employed with WL Plastics has the advantage of a much lower cost of living than many other places in the United States. 

Overall, WL Plastics is a dynamic company with an inextricable connection to West Texas, and its products have become the industry standard in the energy sector as well as in water management and telecommunications. Its strategic location in Snyder means that WL Plastics can seamlessly provide various products for its customers in the region without a break in the supply chain.  

Establish Your Industry in Snyder, Texas


The high quality of life combined with the low cost of living in Snyder allows its employees and their families to enjoy a healthy work-life balance while taking advantage of all that West Texas offers. WL Plastics is a valued industrial partner in Snyder and will continue to be a pillar of the workforce for many years to come. 

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