DCOS Hires New BRE, Libby Wiggins



DCOS is thrilled to announce that the Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) position has been filled by Libby Wiggins.  Libby is a business and marketing specialist, who obtained her Master of Business Administration at West Texas A&M University. She also received a Bachelor of Business Administration from LeTourneau. Libby currently owns an event planning business which has enhanced her skills in all areas of business operations and project management which will be vital to her position in this new role. 

We are confident that her experience as a small business owner, her time in the classroom, and her various leadership roles have prepared her to excel as the BRE for DCOS. She was an adjunct instructor for Small Business Management and Principles of Marketing at Amarillo College for over a year where she was responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of educational goals and objectives.  She has demonstrated her leadership skills in all of her roles from website development and maintenance and email campaigns to being responsible for all aspects of small business operations including bookkeeping, taxes, and project management. “We expect Libby to jump right in and keep the momentum the DCOS has built over the past 2 years moving forward. Her understanding of a small businesses work ethic will transition into her ability to recruit and build relationships not only with our existing businesses but any future prospects. Her desire to learn and her hope for the future make her a true asset to the DCOS.”

Congratulations Libby Wiggins, the DCOS is honored to welcome you and are excited for the future of the new DCOS team and the bright future of our Snyder community!


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