Thinking of Relocating Your Business? Consider West Texas

11/30/2023 - As an economic development corporation dedicated to growing business and opportunity in West Texas, DCOS wants to showcase the numerous benefits of relocating your business to this thriving West Texas area. With competitive costs, strategic location, skilled workers, and a pro-business climate, West Texas provides an ideal destination for companies... read more

Consider West Texas for Your Next Manufacturing Business Venture

11/27/2023 - Manufacturers looking to expand in Texas should consider the abundant industrial land available in West Texas markets. These cities offer shovel-ready sites with infrastructure in place at highly competitive prices.  Snyder, Texas has its Industrial Rail Park with 34 acres available. Properties are served by US 84 and the BNSF Class 1... read more

Untapped Potential: Available Land for Growth in West Texas

10/23/2023 - With its wide open spaces and affordable land, West Texas is an attractive region for many looking to purchase property. Whether you're searching for a place to build a home, start a farm or ranch, or invest in real estate, there is ample land available across West Texas. The... read more

Smaller Towns, Big Opportunities: Tips for Bringing Your Business to West Texas

10/16/2023 - Starting a business in a smaller West Texas town has unique advantages if done right. Lower costs, close-knit communities and less competition are compelling reasons businesses are migrating to these types of communities. Take the proper steps to give your business its best chance to thrive. Follow these tips: Research... read more

Why West Texas is the Right Move for Manufacturing

10/05/2023 - As a manufacturing business owner, you realize the importance of finding the ideal location that lets your company operate at peak efficiency. With its abundance of commercial land, business incentives, infrastructure, and workforce talent, West Texas has quickly become a premier destination for manufacturing. Here's an overview of the... read more

The Benefits of Purchasing Commercial Land in West Texas

09/26/2023 - West Texas is primed for growth and business expansion. For companies looking to purchase land for new facilities or operations, commercial land in West Texas provides many advantages compared to other regions. Here are some of the key benefits to consider when evaluating commercial land opportunities in West Texas. Strategic... read more

How DCOS is Cultivating Snyder’s Future Economic Growth and Workforce

08/10/2023 - The Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS) has made tremendous strides in the past year toward fostering a bright economic future for the city of Snyder. Through strategic partnerships, business development, and community engagement, DCOS is cultivating a climate where businesses can thrive and residents can prosper. Expanding Authority for Growth ... read more

DCOS Helps Promote Snyder ISD Welding Event

04/03/2023 - The DCOS recently helped promote Snyder ISD's Texas High School Welding event at B&J Welding Supply. “This was yet another opportunity for Snyder students who join our welding program,” said Robert Jalomo, the Snyder High School welding instructor. “I love these kids and... read more

The DCOS is a Vital Asset to Snyder, Texas

10/27/2022 - What is DCOS? The Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS) is an important component of the future growth and prosperity of the Snyder community. At the most basic level, an economic development organization is an entity that works to make Snyder better, more attractive to potential businesses and their employees, and... read more

How Voter-Approved Additional Authority For the DCOS Would Benefit Local Businesses

10/16/2022 - The City Council of Snyder, Texas has recently authorized the addition of two new propositions to the ballots in the upcoming November election that would award the Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS) Type B EDC authority. The DCOS is seeking to have Type B authority implemented to use current sales... read more

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