Plastic Welding & Fabrication Partners with Development Corporation Of Snyder, Texas for Major Expansion



SNYDER, Texas - The Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS) is thrilled to announce the expansion of Plastic Welding & Fabrication, a leading veteran and family-owned plastic technology company, to Snyder, Texas. In a major economic development win, a leading Type A manufacturer, Plastic Welding & Fabrication, has chosen the Snyder Industrial Park for its newest expansion location. This is the first major Type A project for Snyder in more than 10 years and is expected to create at least 25 new full-time jobs within the first 3 years with a $750,000 annual payroll. 

Founded in 2003 by Air Force veteran Shaun Shoemake, Plastic Welding & Fabrication has seen tremendous growth over 20 years to become one of the top veteran and family-owned plastic welding companies in the nation. 

Snyder will serve as the home base for the company's biggest project yet - a major 7-year project worth billions of dollars to manufacture infrastructure that will help extract and eliminate toxic chemicals from landfills in Australia. This project highlights Plastic Welding & Fabrication's commitment to environmental sustainability. 

This game-changing project will put Snyder on the map. Plastic Welding & Fabrication will manufacture custom tanks and other products right here in Snyder to help extract and eliminate toxic chemicals from landfills across the globe. 

The company is also bringing something unprecedented to Snyder, demonstrating its commitment to workforce expansion - the nation's first Thermoplastic weld training and certification program based on AWS B2 standards. This innovative training opportunity highlights the great partnership with DCOS, as we share mutual goals of investing in the local workforce and growing talent right here in Snyder.

"We are incredibly grateful to the DCOS for making this expansion possible," said Founder Shaun Shoemake. "Snyder provides everything we need - from labor to community support - to take our company to the next level. We look forward to becoming part of the Snyder family."

Shaun’s wife, Rebecca Shoemake, goes on to explain more about the company and the product in a way that makes sense to everyone. “To people who come on later in the game– what we do and affect, we build processing equipment. Plastic Welding Fabrications provides custom plastic tank fabrication services that are critical for America's infrastructure. Our tanks hold the chemicals that process the steel and aluminum used to build lighting for cities, guard rails to protect people, and more.”

Rebecca further explained, “While our work may seem simple, it enables so much of modern life - from buildings to transportation. What we do is growing and we need to educate on it. Barbara and her team have brought to the forefront where that can happen. Without the support of Barbara and her team, we wouldn't be operating in Snyder. Our tanks may operate behind the scenes, but they're essential for steel production, aluminum processing, and critical infrastructure across America.”

DCOS Executive Director Barbara Leatherwood said, "We could not be more excited to welcome Plastic Welding & Fabrication to Snyder. This is an absolute game-changer that will create quality jobs, spur additional investment, and put Snyder on the map for advanced manufacturing. Their growth will provide quality jobs and career opportunities for our residents while showcasing Snyder's pro-business environment across Texas and beyond." 

Plastic Welding & Fabrication will be investing $1.5M into the Snyder facility with more than $200,000 in property improvements. This expansion will allow Plastic Welding & Fabrication to increase its capabilities, establish a training center, and partner with local schools to introduce students to the growing field of plastic technology. The future looks bright as Snyder becomes the new hub for one of America's leading manufacturers.

About Plastic Welding & Fabrication 

Plastic Welding & Fabrication, celebrating 20 years in business, is a leading plastic technology company providing custom fabrication, machining, and welding services. The veteran and family-owned company is based in Buda, TX with locations nationwide.

About The Development Corporation of Snyder

The Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS) is the economic development organization dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Snyder, TX. The DCOS focuses on job creation, workforce development, and support for community and small businesses. For more information, visit


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