Scurry County Golf Course Hosts Inaugural “First Green” Event - A Milestone Achievement in Environmental Education



Syd Wiggins, SCGC Superintendent, interacts with students


Snyder, Texas – In an unprecedented achievement two years in the making, Scurry County Golf Course proudly hosted the inaugural "First Green" event. This momentous occasion marked not only a significant milestone for Snyder but also a landmark achievement for the state of Texas as it introduced First Green to the Lone Star State. The event, spearheaded by Johnny Walker and Cindy Herridge, of GCSAA, represented the initiation of their five-year journey to bring First Green to the community.

The First Green initiative, now in its 40th state, aims to bridge the gap between education and the environment, offering students a unique opportunity to explore real-world applications of their classroom knowledge. This innovative program, which strives to reach all 50 states, seeks to expose students to golf courses as outdoor classrooms. Scurry County Golf Course was the first in the state of Texas to embrace this educational endeavor.

As Johnny Walker, the South Central Regional Representative of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), emphasized, "Less than 10% of our population plays golf, yet we are all stewards of the land and water conservation. First Green not only introduces students to the world of golf but also opens their eyes to numerous career opportunities, including sports field management, a rapidly growing field."

The event showcased an array of educational stations designed to engage students in a variety of hands-on activities. These included a math lab, where students learned about square footage, a soil lab to understand the importance of soil health, and cool tools for golf course maintenance. The highlight of the day was the demonstration of robotic mowers, showcasing the future of golf course maintenance. The event also included a lesson on putting, allowing students to experience the joy of golf firsthand.

Thirty-six enthusiastic students from Borden County, spanning fourth and fifth grades, participated in the event, with the aim of broadening their horizons beyond traditional classroom learning. The program's ultimate goal is to help students apply what they learn in school to their future careers.

"Taking what they're learning in the classroom and putting it into something usable in their careers is the essence of First Green," Johnny Walker explained.

The success of this event would not have been possible without the generous contributions of volunteers and partners. Key individuals who played pivotal roles in making the event a reality include Johnny Walker the South Central Regional Representative, Cindy Herridge from West Texas GCSAA, Todd Barlow of Husqvarna, Simon Sauceda of West Texas College, Darla Floyd from Scurry County Golf Course, and Syd Wiggins, the superintendent and owner of Wiggins Turf Management, who was a vital partner in hosting the event at the golf course.

Additionally, Terry Williams, Precinct 1 Commissioner, attended the event to show support for this important initiative.

Syd Wiggins, the superintendent and owner of Wiggins Turf Management, emphasized the importance of investing in our youth, saying, "Introducing young minds to golf through programs like First Green not only cultivates future golf enthusiasts but also instills valuable life lessons about environmental stewardship, teamwork, and the pursuit of knowledge."

The First Green program has a profound impact on STEM education for the participating fourth and fifth graders of Borden County. It provides these students with practical applications of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts, fostering a deeper understanding of these crucial subjects. By learning through hands-on experiences, these young minds are better equipped to embrace STEM education and explore future career opportunities in related fields.

From an economic development perspective, the Development Corporation of Snyder recognizes the far-reaching benefits of initiatives like First Green. By introducing young students to the golf industry and related careers, we are not only nurturing future talent but also contributing to the growth of the local economy. Programs like First Green play a vital role in shaping our future workforce and ensuring the economic prosperity of Snyder.

Libby Wiggins, DCOS's BRE Specialist, enthusiastically stated, "First Green exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between education and economic development. We are investing in our youth and preparing them for promising careers that will strengthen our community's economic future." Libby's attendance at this significant event further underscores the DCOS's commitment to educational and economic development initiatives in your community.

The Scurry County Golf Course First Green event marks a significant milestone in the initiative's mission to reach all 50 states and foster a new generation of environmentally conscious and career-driven individuals. This achievement underscores the vital role of golf courses in education and sustainability efforts, and we look forward to more communities across the nation embracing First Green.

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About First Green

First Green is an educational outreach program that uses golf courses as environmental learning labs. Developed by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), First Green is dedicated to inspiring future generations and promoting environmental stewardship by providing STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) environmental education to young students.


About Scurry County Golf Course

Scurry County Golf Course, located in Snyder, Texas, is committed to promoting the game of golf, environmental sustainability, and educational initiatives within the community.


About the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA)

The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) is a leading professional association for the men and women who manage golf courses in the United States and worldwide. With a focus on education, advocacy, and research, GCSAA advances the golf course management profession and promotes environmental sustainability.


About the Development Corporation of Snyder

The Development Corporation of Snyder is dedicated to fostering economic development and growth within Snyder, Texas, by supporting initiatives that enhance the local economy and workforce.


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