The Development Corporation of Snyder seeks Type B Authority in November Elections


The Snyder City Council recently approved adding 2 new propositions to November ballots in order to grant the Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS) Type B authority.

Having Type B Authority would allow the DCOS to use current sales and use tax collected for community improvements in addition to the projects it currently supports in order to better serve Snyder's existing businesses and community.

“I want to be able to do more for our local businesses and our community now,” said Barbara Leatherwood, Executive Director of the DCOS. “We have existing funds that we can use to make improvements in Snyder.” 

As far as what projects the funds would be used for, Leatherwood does not yet have specifics.

“Any projects would need to be recommended by the DCOS board of directors first and then approved by City Council,” said Leatherwood. “But with the Type B authority, we would be able to use existing funds for a wider range of projects that would help support our mission of job creation. It goes hand-in-hand with what we already do. By improving Snyder, we can attract additional workforce here as well as new businesses.” 

The DCOS is currently a Type A economic development organization, meaning that funds must center on industrial development projects, such as business infrastructure, manufacturing and research, and development, as well as job training. 

“The main thing Snyder needs to know is that granting Type B authority won’t be an additional cost,” said Leatherwood. “We want to use the funding we already receive in a wider variety of projects to benefit Snyder.”

The DCOS encourages Snyder to reach out to with any questions or concerns. 


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