5 Reasons Businesses Are Choosing West Texas



This should come as no surprise when you take in consideration the first-rate transport network with a well-developed highway system and world class airports. Texas also has a 3.4% unemployment rate (lower than the 3.6% national average) with 2.7 million small businesses that employ more than 5 million people. 

With the capability to accommodate businesses that are both large and small, here are the top 5 reasons why businesses are choosing West Texas to establish or expand their companies.

1. Businesses Pay Lower Taxes

Texas has conservative tax policies and streamlined regulations that are optimal for the business environment. There is no state income or corporate income tax. This policy ensures that you keep more of the money that your business earns, which is vital when starting a business. It is always a good idea to consider the long-term when thinking about where to start your business, and your tax burden is one of the biggest things you need to think about when you consider the future. 

New businesses moving to Snyder, Texas can benefit from Chapter 380 and 381 property tax abatements, in which each agreement can be uniquely tailored to address the specific needs of both the local government entity and the business prospect. Snyder, Texas also offers some businesses Tax Increment Financing (TIRZ) to help finance needed structural improvements or to enhance infrastructure within a reinvestment zone. 

All of this means that it is less expensive to start and run a business in Texas in comparison to other states. Your business can recruit top talent without having to be concerned with profit loss, and you do not have to pay state income or corporate income tax on the money that you earn through your business. 

2. Low Cost of Living      

Even though Texas is one of the largest states in the U.S., it is also among the most affordable. Most basic necessities such as food, utilities, rent, and health insurance, tend to be less expensive in Texas.  And further, West Texas tends to be even less expensive than other regions. These lower costs of living are not only beneficial for you, but for your employees as well. 

The cost of fuel for your vehicles and the cost of real estate is lower in Texas than other states. If your business uses a larger amount of fuel to operate, the lower cost of fuel will add up to more profits for your company.  If you need to purchase real estate to house your business, you can do so for a lot less than you would if you were in many other states.

Snyder, Texas has a cost of living that is 11% lower than the national average. 

3. Workforce 

Texas has a workforce of more than 14,000 people, and it continues to grow. The size as well as the available training and development opportunities give Texas one of the largest and highest quality workforces available in the nation. 

As an example of training and development opportunities, Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas provides comprehensive workforce development services to businesses and residents of the nineteen county West Texas region. Snyder, Texas is proud to be home to one of five operating workforce centers.  Workforce Solutions aids employers and area residents in resolving common workforce challenges and developing skills for the jobs of today and the future. 

4. Innovation Is Encouraged

For a long time, the coasts were considered the place to go if you wanted to do something new or exciting. However, Texas has done its best to create a haven for innovative businesses, which is why you are able to find more companies establishing their business centers in the state. The Lone Star state is home to a large amount of diverse industries that you may not have been aware of, including biotech, aviation, aerospace, energy, computer tech and information tech.

5. The Climate For Small Business Is Top-Notch

Many big businesses and international corporations have chosen Texas as their home. However, if you are planning on starting your own business, it is important to  know that your  smaller business needs will be welcomed as well. Luckily, Texas has been considered one of the friendliest states for small business. 

Here in Snyder, we have many resources for small businesses including our Downtown Merchants Association, coaching and training through the DCOS, and more. Snyder’s College on the Square offers a grant from the Texas Workforce Commission to fund workforce training and skills development for small businesses. 

If you are considering expanding or relocating your business to Texas, get in touch. Snyder, Texas is conveniently located in the heart of West Texas with access to multiple airports, an extensive rail network, comprehensive highway access, and a flexible, highly skilled workforce. We have an unmatched combination of access, resources, and value.


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