How To Support The Longevity Of Local Businesses and Boost the Economy



In a world full of uncertainties, one thing is for sure: it takes a lot to keep a local economy thriving. The longevity of the local economy relies on small businesses and remaining open to new, incoming industries. Due to the pandemic, more and more challenges arise every day. Small businesses are facing staffing shortages and supply issues due to COVID-19 while still competing with mega conglomerates. Communities are trying to maintain what makes them special and simultaneously continue to grow and flourish. It has never been more important to maintain and support current small businesses while encouraging new industries to consider us their home.

Why is Snyder a good idea for new industries?


Resources: Here in Snyder, we pride ourselves on being able to provide most of the support services or supplies any business would need to operate. Not only is that a great reason to conduct business here, but each additional industry adds yet another resource within Snyder. Increasing the amount and variety our local industries gives businesses (old and new) and our community more support and resources Snyder, Texas needs to sustain for years to come. 

Location: Snyder, Texas, is a great geographical location for any industry looking to include Texas in their plans. It’s centrally located and within 90 miles of large urban areas. Plus, Snyder is the hub of US Highway 84 and connects to major rail lines. A small town with great accessibility is not always the easiest to find!

Workforce: Not only do incoming industries provide jobs for the community, but Snyder provides a great workforce in return. Our local community college, Western Texas College, is top-notch and Snyder also offers workforce training free of charge!

Why should I support local businesses?


For a better local economy

According to the Small Business Administration, 64% of new private-sector jobs come from small businesses! Plus, local retailers return around 52 percent of their revenue to the local economy. When you spend money locally, you are investing in your community. This is so important with keeping taxes and the cost of living lower. Here in Snyder, our cost of living is 11% lower than the national average! Supporting our local businesses is a great way to continue this trend.

For a better community

Small businesses and incoming larger industries alike can boost the quality of life in a community. Of course, businesses pour directly into the local economy, but they also increase the livelihood of citizens. When current and new businesses coexist, jobs are created, the economy thrives, housing prices become more lucrative, and a community is afforded more opportunities. 

How can I support small businesses?


Shop small businesses year-round: Don’t just look to local shops when you are trying to find Christmas gifts, consider nearby small businesses for any and every occasion, all year long! Decorate your house with unique local finds and buy pastries and coffee for your staff meeting at a nearby coffee shop! You may also consider purchasing art from a local artist and give local boutiques and automotive shops your business. When you support small businesses, it’s important to show your support all 12 months of the year.

Buy gift cards from small businesses: If a business is limiting their hours or running short-staffed, buying a gift card will support them now, and you can still enjoy the benefits later! Also consider giving a gift card to friends, encouraging them to give local businesses a chance. (They might not know all that’s out there until you tell them!)

Support small businesses on social media: Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages. Share their updates, or give them a “like” and nice comment! Leave them a positive review and participate in their events. “Check in” when you are window shopping. You wouldn’t believe how much you can help small businesses from your phone or computer!

Wrapping Up


They say everything is bigger and better in Texas, and we like to think that includes the support for our local businesses. Not every town has a shopping experience like our historic downtown square or a restored 86-year old gas station. Also not every town has tons of options for new industries to come and build a thriving, successful business. Snyder gives a little taste of both!


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