How Voter-Approved Additional Authority For the DCOS Would Benefit Local Businesses


The City Council of Snyder, Texas has recently authorized the addition of two new propositions to the ballots in the upcoming November election that would award the Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS) Type B EDC authority.

The DCOS is seeking to have Type B authority implemented to use current sales and use tax collected for community improvements in addition to the projects it currently supports to serve Snyder’s existing businesses and community more thoroughly. 

Barbara Leatherwood, Executive Director of the DCOS, states “I want to be able to do more for our local businesses and our community now. We have existing funds that we can use to make improvements in Snyder.”

With Type B authority, sales tax is able to be used for any project that is acceptable under Type A rules as well as several additional project types, including improvements in quality of life. 

Granting DCOS Type B authority would not result in any new taxes. DCOS would be utilizing the same financial revenue it already receives in a more expanded capacity. All projects would need to be approved by the DCOS board as well as city council before moving forward. 

Local business training 

DCOS currently promotes local business training, such as Lunch and Learns. The education and growth of Snyder businesses is a high priority to DCOS, and being awarded authority would further the educational tools and resources that they would be able to provide to the community. 

DCOS has always worked closely with Workforce Training and looks forward to continuing to do so in a larger role. Authority would allow DCOS to source similar educational and workforce training opportunities for Snyder citizens. 

These training opportunities benefit not only our residents, but our local businesses which need skilled labor as well, making them a win-win for everyone in Snyder. 

Beautification grants

DCOS wants to expand its efforts to keep Snyder a beautiful place to work and live. Through quality-of-life projects, DCOS would be able to do much more than it can currently. With authority, DCOS could apply for more grants to help beautification projects, and possibly even extend beautification grants to local businesses. This is just one example of the types of projects that DCOS could take on with authority. 

To learn more about the benefits of the DCOS gaining authority, read the press release or reach out to 


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