Smaller Towns, Big Opportunities: Tips for Bringing Your Business to West Texas



Starting a business in a smaller West Texas town has unique advantages if done right. Lower costs, close-knit communities and less competition are compelling reasons businesses are migrating to these types of communities. Take the proper steps to give your business its best chance to thrive. Follow these tips:

Research Demand

Study area demographics and psychographics. Will locals support your offering? Connect with the chamber and economic development office for data. Survey residents to gauge interest. Ensure adequate market size for sustainability.

Understand the Culture

Small town values like faith, tradition and community are central. Earn trust by contributing and fitting in before heavily promoting your business. Be patient - relationships and word of mouth will be key. Leverage community organizations and events to build rapport in the community. 

Choose the Right Location

Main Street storefronts have high visibility but can be costly. Consider options like budget retail space, professional offices or some staff working from home initially, if needed. If you are a larger business in need of a facility or land, the cost per square foot will usually be considerably less expensive. 

Bring Something New

Fill gaps by introducing missing products or services. A new restaurant cuisine, fitness option or entertainment choice will get attention in a smaller community over a large city that already has a lot of competition. Just ensure novelty aligns with local tastes.

Staff Locally

Hire and train small town talent ready for opportunity. Check high schools and community colleges for candidates. Word of mouth also works in small towns - spread the word you're hiring.

Price Appropriately

Keep prices affordable but avoid going too low. Special deals for locals can help find the sweet spot. Remember wages are lower than big cities, so peg pricing accordingly.

Partner With Other Businesses

Collaborate with established players for cross-promotion. Joint specials, event sponsorships and referrals can introduce you to built-in customer bases.

Support Local Initiatives

Give back by sponsoring school programs, charities, churches and events. This builds community spirit and goodwill. Appear at openings, fundraisers and festivals to network.

Go Omnichannel

Have an online presence, social media, listings in local directories and a Google My Business profile. Offline, use print materials, signage, local newspaper ads and community bulletins. 

Leverage your small size for flexibility, personal service and local connection. Take it slow, be patient and closely respond to customer feedback. With commitment and care in serving your market, your small town can enable your startup to flourish.

Snyder, Texas has a welcoming community and a strong business support culture through the Department of Corporation of Snyder. For more about the benefits of bringing your company to Snyder,  the DCOS team is here to assist. Visit and contact our Business Retention and Expansion Specialist Libby Wiggins at  to learn more. 

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