The DCOS is a Vital Asset to Snyder, Texas


What is DCOS?

The Development Corporation of Snyder (DCOS) is an important component of the future growth and prosperity of the Snyder community. At the most basic level, an economic development organization is an entity that works to make Snyder better, more attractive to potential businesses and their employees, and help Snyder’s existing businesses to continue to thrive.

DCOS is the sole entity "selling" all of Snyder - including the county, the schools, the hospital, and the overall quality of life. DCOS is responsible for recruiting , expanding, or relocating businesses to look at Snyder as an option for their business. The intention and objective of DCOS is to promote  the value of Snyder.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the DCOS is to elevate and expand the community for the promise of the future generations. The vision of DCOS is to enhance the invaluable resources of our community and usher in long-lasting financial growth and opportunities for generations to come.

DCOS is not only looking at right now; they’re building for the future for all of Snyder. 

DCOS is a Type A EDC

The DCOS is currently a Type A EDC. Type A EDCs are created for developing industries.

Type A EDCs are typically created to fund industrial development projects such as business infrastructure, manufacturing and research and development. Type A EDCs can also fund job training classes and workforce development.

Type A EDCs are not able to bring in businesses such like restaurants, services, or retail businesses as they must solely focus on industrial development and primary jobs. 

DCOS Funding

DCOS is funded through 3/8 of each penny collected from local sales tax. Snyder citizens’ sales tax is divided between the state of Texas, Scurry County, and the city. For every $100 of sales tax, the State receives $6.25, Scurry County receives $0.50, the city receives $1.12, and DCOS receives $0.38.

That means DCOS grows directly by ensuring that we all shop local and support the growth of local businesses.

Putting Snyder on the Map

The main objective for the DCOS in the past year is to "Put Snyder on the Map.” Prior to 2021, many companies moving to or opening in Texas were not even aware of Snyder as a possibility. While there is still work to do, DCOS has made significant strides in accomplishing this objective. One way to objectively measure that is by looking at searches for Snyder, Texas - which have grown from at least 1000 per month to over 10K per month. 

This indicates that our marketing strategy is working. We are showing the right people the value of Sndyer for their businesses and potential employees. Thousands of people are actively searching for where Snyder is and how it could play a vital role in their business’ success.

The current objective of DCOS is bringing awareness to Snyder from outside businesses. DCOS has submitted 19 project proposals over the last 8 months. They've also followed-up with more than 300 leads resulting in: a growing number of site visits, a land purchase from a developer, as well as numerous calls and phone conversations. DCOS is also building up a sizeable database of contacts who are not interested or capable of expanding or relocating now, but may be in the future.

Why Type B

In this November election, the DCOS has requested an expansion of capabilities into Type B. Having Type B status would allow the DCOS to use current sales and use tax collected for community improvements and recruiting retail and service businesses in addition to the projects it currently supports in order to better serve Snyder’s existing businesses and community.

Granting DCOS Type B status would not result in any new taxes or allocate any additional funding to the DCOS. It would only allow the DCOS to use existing funds for a wider variety of projects to better serve the businesses we currently have and potential businesses we have looking to relocate or expand into Snyder. It would also allow projects that can enhance our quality of life as current residents. 

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