Thinking of Relocating Your Business? Consider West Texas



As an economic development corporation dedicated to growing business and opportunity in West Texas, DCOS wants to showcase the numerous benefits of relocating your business to this thriving West Texas area. With competitive costs, strategic location, skilled workers, and a
pro-business climate, West Texas provides an ideal destination for companies looking to expand or relocate. In this blog post, we will explore the key reasons West Texas stands out as a premier location to launch and grow an enterprise. Whether you need access to major
markets, seek lower real estate and labor expenses, want to tap into a deep talent pool, or desire an exceptional quality of life for your employees, West Texas has you covered. You are invited to continue reading to learn more about why you should consider moving your business
to this dynamic region.

Access to Major Markets
West Texas provides easy access to major metro areas while maintaining much lower real estate and labor costs. Our location allows convenient distribution across Texas and the broader southwest. With an extensive highway system and railroads, as well as proximity to major airports, moving products and resources in and out of West Texas is accessible and affordable.

Competitive Operating Costs
In addition to real estate, West Texas offers very competitive utility and logistics expenses. Our energy costs are among the lowest in the nation, thanks to abundant natural gas and solar resources. Snyder, Texas also has access to wind energy. Did you know that Texas always makes it to the top of the list in the nation for low cost of doing business? In Snyder, there are even more incentives than simply affordable property, tax exemptions, and workforce training. Qualified industries located outside Snyder’s Enterprise Zone may also leverage benefits from sales and use tax exemptions on manufacturing machinery and equipment, as well as natural gas and electricity used in manufacturing operations. Doing business in West Texas is easy and

Strong Workforce and Educational Opportunities
Skilled workers are available across the region, with expertise in sectors like energy, manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, healthcare, and agriculture. Major universities and community colleges, such as Western Texas College located in Snyder, supply a steady
pipeline of qualified candidates in diverse fields. Our lower cost of living also helps companies attract and retain top talent.

Exceptional Quality of Life
With sunny weather year-round, vibrant cultural scenes, and endless outdoor activities, West Texas offers an exceptional quality of life. Employees can enjoy affordable housing, top-ranked schools, and recreational spaces. If you are looking for a tight-knit community feel, with a strong support for the businesses, Snyder could be just the town you are searching for. The region's unique landscapes, cuisine, and character make it a great place to live, work, and grow for your business and your family.

Let's Discuss Moving Your Business
If you're considering expanding or relocating your company to West Texas, we encourage you to take a close look at Snyder. With our prime location, skilled workers, competitive costs, and high quality of life, this is an ideal place to grow your business. DCOS offers a range of services to assist with your move, from real estate tours to workforce analysis and more. Contact our Business Retention and Expansion Specialist Libby Wiggins at to learn more about the advantages of doing business in Snyder!
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