Untapped Potential: Available Land for Growth in West Texas



With its wide open spaces and affordable land, West Texas is an attractive region for many looking to purchase property. Whether you're searching for a place to build a home, start a farm or ranch, or invest in real estate, there is ample land available across West Texas. The region offers opportunity for those looking for large acreages of inexpensive land. If you're considering buying land in West Texas, there are a few key things to know. 

West Texas Available Land

First, West Texas encompasses a large area, so land prices can vary significantly depending on the specific location. Areas closer to major cities like El Paso, Midland and Lubbock tend to be more expensive, while remote rural areas, such as Snyder, are very affordable. 

West Texas Land Access

When evaluating land parcels, access is essential. Properties near major highways and roads are most desirable. It's also important to research the availability of utilities like electricity, water and internet/cell service. While some remote sites lack infrastructure, developed lands with existing utilities sell for higher premiums. There are also opportunities for purchasing smaller acreages in West Texas. Properties of 5-20 acres can allow you to have breathing room and privacy without having to manage a massive acreage, and can be used for manufacturing, commercial, or personal use. 

Know the West Texas Climate

The climate is another major consideration. West Texas has hot summers and mild winters. Be sure the property has adequate water resources for your intended use. Some land parcels include water rights, which can add significant value in this arid region.

West Texas Land Resources

Many buyers are interested in West Texas for its abundant oil and gas reserves. While this can provide income through leasing rights, it also means possibly contending with drilling and exploration on or near your property. Be sure to research mineral rights and get professional advice to understand the implications.

Uses for West Texas Land

Recreational opportunities are also driving land sales in West Texas. The wide open spaces provide plenty of room for outdoor activities like hunting, horseback riding, hiking, and off-roading. National and state parks in West Texas are popular tourist destinations. Property near these sights often fetches strong interest and higher values.

For agriculture uses, land with fertile soil and sufficient water tends to be most valuable. Farmland prices vary widely, with irrigated cropland the most prized. West Texas has some of the state's largest cattle ranching operations, so grazing land is also in high demand.

In summary, land values depend heavily on location, access, infrastructure, resources, and intended use. While West Texas has expansive affordable properties, research diligently before purchasing to understand all the factors affecting price, development potential and long-term value. With careful selection, the region offers outstanding opportunities to buy acreage both for personal enjoyment and investment income. With competitive pricing and miles upon miles of wide open spaces, West Texas is likely to continue attracting buyers looking for affordable untamed land. As more people discover the appeal of West Texas living, land here may become harder to come by. For those ready to stake their claim, the time is ripe to buy available land in West Texas.

Snyder, Texas has available land for purchase. For more about the benefits of purchasing land to grow in Snyder, the DCOS team is here to assist. Visit www.growsnyder.com and contact our Business Retention and Expansion Specialist Libby Wiggins at  https://www.linkedin.com/in/libbywiggins/  to learn more. 

To see the full property list available in Snyder, Texas, visit https://growsnyder.com/resources-and-funding/site-selection/find-a-business-site. 


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