Why West Texas is the Right Move for Manufacturing



As a manufacturing business owner, you realize the importance of finding the ideal location that lets your company operate at peak efficiency. With its abundance of commercial land, business incentives, infrastructure, and workforce talent, West Texas has quickly become a premier destination for manufacturing. Here's an overview of the key benefits manufacturers can reap by bringing operations to this rapidly growing region.

Lower Operating Costs

Between affordable real estate, construction, taxes, and labor, West Texas provides very competitive operating costs that boost manufacturers’ profit margins. Industrial land is generally 50-60% less expensive than other major metro areas in Texas, giving companies more value for money. Local tax breaks on equipment and materials along with capital investment incentives also reduce expenditures.

Strategic Transportation Infrastructure

Manufacturing relies on getting raw materials and finished products out. West Texas’ connectivity to major interstates like I-20, I-10, and I-45 as well as freight railways and access to Gulf Coast ports gives manufacturers strategic transportation advantages. Better logistics connectivity means more efficient supply chain operations.

Abundant Industrial Space

Unlike crowded cities, West Texas has an enormous supply of open land primed for industrial use at prices far below other markets. Manufacturers have their pick of sites to build customized facilities and room to expand operations over time. The ability to construct purpose-built plants optimizes production efficiencies.

Skilled Workforce

The West Texas workforce is known for mechanical and technical skills well suited for manufacturing. Economic growth is also attracting more workers and manufacturers can tap new talent. Established vocational and technical training programs in the region also provide a pipeline of qualified candidates and customizable training.

For manufacturers who want to gain an edge through strategic location, growth capacity, workforce talent, and operating incentives, West Texas checks all the boxes. The region provides the right tools for optimizing production efficiency as companies grow. When it comes to manufacturing, West Texas holds compelling advantages that more companies are capitalizing on.

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