Texas: the Bitcoin mining capital of the U.S.

06/30/2022 - Bitcoin mining is energy-intensive and relies on inexpensive energy to make a profit. Bitcoin miners have begun to move to Texas for cryptocurrency for 3 main reasons: Less expensive energy Inexpensive land Supportive legal policies   Access to Less Expensive Energy One of the main reasons cryptomining companies are going to... read more

Workforce Development Opportunities in Snyder

06/23/2022 - Snyder, Texas offers unrivaled resources and unfaltering workforce support due to valuable training programs and incentives for your current and future employees. Snyder’s superior workforce training opportunities offer incredible value to employers and employees alike.  Some of the available workforce training resources in Snyder include: The Texas... read more

3 Commercial Properties Available Now in Snyder, Texas

05/27/2022 - Snyder, Texas has available land to accommodate your needs to establish or expand your business. These commercial properties are centrally located in the West Texas Region.  Snyder, Texas is the hub for U.S. Highway 84 that connects the Northern and Southern Texas regions. Located on the highway, the Industrial... read more

5 Reasons Businesses Are Choosing West Texas

05/04/2022 - This should come as no surprise when you take in consideration the first-rate transport network with a well-developed highway system and world class airports. Texas also has a 3.4% unemployment rate (lower than the 3.6% national average) with 2.7 million small businesses that employ more than 5 million people.  With the capability to... read more

How Multi-Million Dollar Industrial Businesses Like WL Plastics Can Thrive in West Texas

11/12/2021 - Snyder, Texas is prime real estate for industrial businesses looking to move operations to the Southwest. See how WL Plastics has been a booming business in Snyder since 2000. The DCOS is pleased to highlight WL Plastics, one of the many successful industrial businesses to have a manufacturing location in Snyder,... read more

How To Support The Longevity Of Local Businesses and Boost the Economy

10/14/2021 - In a world full of uncertainties, one thing is for sure: it takes a lot to keep a local economy thriving. The longevity of the local economy relies on small businesses and remaining open to new, incoming industries. Due to the pandemic, more and more challenges arise every day. Small... read more

Forward-Thinking: How Snyder, Texas Boosts Growth and Attracts New Businesses

09/16/2021 - Snyder, Texas has always been at the forefront of strategic economic growth, and its history is rich with forward-thinking residents seizing opportunities to boost the local economy. This forward-looking reputation began with its namesake, William Henry Snyder, who saw potential in the area’s West Texas location and established... read more

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